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My name is Tara and I am one of the Calgary makeup artists at Kallos Studio. I am going to share today how I like to do a simple wedding makeup. This is going to be a very general guideline but I will be covering more detail aspects as I go further in my entries.

calgary makeup artist and simple wedding makeup btsWedding photography is a very important part of a wedding day, and what is equally important in my opinion is the wedding make-up! I mean us makeup artists are the hands behind the photos, and the touch before the images 🙂 I have worked with many Calgary wedding photographers, and I know that every one not just from our studio but others from outside of the sutdio have all appreciated great make-up. So with the importance of make-up covered, I will go over a little bit about my makeup trail process first. So for any wedding makeup, before I do anything, first I like to meet with the bride and do a makeup trial. Earlier the better and with lots of time before the wedding, so we can decide on how the makeup will be done on the day of the wedding. During the wedding make-up trial, I will ask the bride of any ideas to try during the trial, so we can explore what would work best together. Sometimes a bride will have more then one trial with more then one makeup artist to choose from, so you will want to make your best impression to insure you are the one selected to do the makeup on the day of. I love wedding sessions, because there is nothing better then being the one to help make someone feel that much more special for one of life’s biggest moments. On the trial you should be matching the foundations to the bride and the brides maids (if they are being included).  Once you have matched the foundation to their skin tones, then you should make a note, so you remember for the wedding day. Generally I like to set the wedding trial no later than one month prior.

Simple Wedding Make-up – Process on the Wedding Day

Before I do anything I like to make sure my hands, tools and brushes are clean and sanitized. there is nothing worse then being the reason behind someones infection or brake out.

Now to start off, I will be cleansing the face and removing all left over makeup and dirt from the face. Then with only water, remove the cleanser from the face. once thats done then you can add your toner. Some toners do not include lotion and if that is the case then you can use your clean hands to apply the lotion of apply it with cotton pads.

I will then match the foundation to the chest of the bride or bridesmaid. The reasoning behind this is because most foundations have SPF in them so during the summer months your face will usually be a few shades lights then the chest. So if your matching your foundation to the face then it may appear that u are wearing a mask.

After the foundation is applied, you will want to set the foundation with either the same shade of powder or a translucent powder to help the foundation from rubbing or melting off.

For wedding makeup you don’t want to over contour and take away from the soft elegant look. So I will only add a little conturing to shape the face when I do bridal make-up.

Once the face is done, I like to start from the top of the face down so I will start with the eye brows. Some women like to over accentuate the brow by making it appear bigger, longer or more round. I like the nature look of a brow, so I will normally just fill in the natural brow with a pencil and then brush it through with a brow brush. If your bride doesn’t have eye brows or very little or light brows, then you can follow the natural brow line to make the eye brows.

Since the wedding trial has already been done, I will know what colors and style of makeup I will be doing. Very often I use a light shimmer pink. Before I apply that I will use my eye primer to help give the eye shadow its full look without having to layer the color or and it will also help prolong the length of time it will last. Sometimes black lines can be too bold for the soft look of wedding makeup. If this is the case, you could use gold or any shade of brown.

Not every bride will want false eye lashes but sometimes its just that extra bit to make them feel that much prettier. You should supply your own eye lashes if the bride does not have any. After that you can apply your mascara. I often use Younique 3d lash mascara.

When applying strip eye lashes, you will want a good clear or black lash adhesive. I like to use a clear Duo lash adhesive. It goes on white but drys clear. Only put a thin layer of lash glue on the strip of the eyelashes. You will want to wave the lash or blow on the glue to make it tacky. Once tacky, apply the lash on top of your natural lashes but as close to your eye lip as possible without putting it on top of the eye lid. If your eye starts to water, use a Q-tip in either corner of the eye to help absorb your tear. If the lash glue gets wet, it will take much longer for it to dry. You will either have to take the lash off and re apply or hold it in place till the glue sets.

And then you can then move down to lipstick. you want to match your lipstick with the eye color so they don’t clash. before apply the lipstick you should add a lip liner to keep the lipstick from sliding off the lip while talking. Then this would complete my usual bridal make-up. I hope I was able to help you with your wedding makeup ideas.


Tara Smith is one of the Calgary make-up artists at Kallos Studio. She provides online tutorials and helpful tips on DIY make-up and seminars at her studio in Calgary. You can follow her work at Kallos Studio Youtube Channel and also in her make-up blog at Kallos Studio.

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