Kallos Prints

Affordable Photo Finishing Service

We understand that printing can be expensive. So we do our best to offer you awesome deals for all your printing needs.

We feature SIHL MASTERCLASS PAPERS, and SIUS ECO PREMIUM PAPERS that are made specially for Kallos Studio. We process so many paper orders every month, we are able to get an amazing deals on photo papers, and then we pass on the savings to you.

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Great Selection of Photo Papers

Kallos Studio provides photo finishing service and printing on eco photo papers, and premium photo papers such as our famous 100% cotton base canvas photo paper.

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Protective Coatings

We have in-studio coating that we apply on each photo for processing. This means every single photo printed are water resistant and scratch resistant as well.

There are three different types of liquid base coating solutions for matte photo papers, glossy photo papers, or fine art papers. Each liquid solutions are designed to enhance the depth and tone of specific paper.

Photo Finishing Calgary Studio on Matte Photo Paper

Large Format Printing

We offer the Large Format Prints at great pricing. Even the Large Format Prints are processed with the same liquid coating solutions.

You can print on any of our six photo paper types up to 80 inch x 44 inch. Pro Members can make special requests to print on aluminium, acrylic, or vinyl (shipping rate will vary).