Kallos Prints

Affordable Photo Finishing Service

It’s no secret that printing can be an expensive investment- which is why we do our part in covering your printing needs at great value.

Kallos Studio features exclusive products; SIHL MASTERCLASS PAPER and SINU ECO PREMIUM PAPER. As the studio processes large quantities of paper orders each month, we are able to score amazing deals on photo papers which we then pass on to you.

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Great Selection of Photo Papers

Kallos Studio offers photo finishing as well as printing on eco-friendly and premium photo commodities such as our famous 100% cotton base Canvas Photo Paper.

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Protective Coatings

After print an in-studio coating is applied on each photo as it is processed. This means every single photo printed is water repellent as well as scratch resistant.

There are three different types of liquid based coating solutions- each created for usage on disparate textures; matte, glossy or fine art photo papers. All three solvents are designed to enhance the depth and tone of an image on each respective paper base.

Photo Finishing Calgary Studio on Matte Photo Paper

Large Format Printing

We offer Large Format Prints at great pricing- each order processed with the same detail, also coated with a protectant layer.

Prints of up to 80 inches x 44 inches can be ordered on any of our six paper product varieties.

Pro Members can place special requests for Aluminium, Acrylic or Vinyl Prints. Shipping Rates vary.