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Kallos Studio Inc.


Kallos Studio was founded in 2009 with a mission to provide the highest quality flush mount albums on premium professional photo papers. We wanted to be different than other giants in the industry by providing our personal touch and passion for photography in each album made and photo processed. Our design and processing office is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Yes, we are Canadians, eh!


When we first started, like many other album companies out there, our initial manufacturing was done in Shanghai, China. We felt great about the quality products we provided to our customers in Asia back then. And we probably could have continued with business as usual from China, BUT we wanted better. We wanted more. We wanted to do more for our customers! Specifically, we wanted to TWO things in particular.


1. We wanted to provide the TOP Quality Flush Mount Albums

2. We wanted to provide our hand made products to our clients worldwide.


So in 2012, we reestablished as an international brand, and moved our manufacturing base to Gyeonggi-do, South Korea in pursuit of even better quality albums and prints. Since the move, we have been able to provide our exclusive selection of top quality materials in our HAND MADE albums to all our clients worldwide. We participate in International Photo and Image Shows, International Handmade Fair and other global trade shows and exhibitions to feature our products while meeting with representatives from other industry leaders like SIHL, SINU, Epson, X-rite and others to discuss the current trends and quality control. Then we carefully select our materials to provide quality over quantity to our valued customers.


We are truly about quality and personal touch. We have committed from the day one that we would provide quality HAND MADE flush mount albums to our customers. We have been true to our promise. Every single album at Kallos Studio is hand made from selection to mounting, trimming, sanding, and edging, all to perfection! We take the time and put our best effort to make sure that our customers will be happy with our albums.


We did not want everyone’s albums to be the same. We are all different, so why should our albums be the same? So with that being our mission, over the years we have selected over 200 production materials, and paper types. That means we offer over 150,000 combinations of customization options in our flush mount albums and on 6 different professional photo paper types.


We are really passionate about everything photography. Not limited to just albums and prints, but all aspects involved in the beautiful creative process. We have a rental studio, and an official PROFOTO RENTAL and education facility in Calgary, Alberta. We love featuring talented artists through our studio. If you are a member of Kallos Studio and would like us to feature your portfolio on our Artist page, please contact artists [at] kallosstudio.com. Also read more about what we do.

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