PROFOTO Discount and Savings

PROFOTO Discount and Savings

Kallos Studio offers local exclusive membership for its Calgary Studio location for Profoto fans. Kallos PROFOTO Membership is NOT the same as Studio Rental Membership.

Profoto discounts on equipment rental and purchase are available to Kallos PROFOTO Members.  The members get exclusive deals on Profoto products, but also get great deals on Hasselblad and Nikon items available at the Calgary Studio location.

While Studio Rental Membership provides discounts on Calgary Studio rental facility, Kallos PROFOTO Membership provides discounts on the facility plus the photo/video products by Profoto, Hasselblad, and Nikon.

As a Kallos PROFOTO Member, you are also eligible to receive FREE Promotional Profoto products, which are given out at random draw on the last day of each month.

Conditions apply, must visit Calgary Studio location for more details.

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