Canadian Albums and Prints

Everything in Canadian Currency

While many online retailers prefer to deal with US currency, our pricing is in Canadian dollars. We have Canadian albums and prints pricing for everyone. This means a great deal of savings for our Canadian customers, because you will not pay the exchange rate, nor be blinded by the currency exchange from high US dollars. Our price is very competitive against other international sellers listing their items in US currency as well. So when you see something on another site for 50USD and see similar item on our site for 50CAD, it would mean that our price is actually 37USD!

50 USD = 50 USD

50 CAD = 37 USD

Our Canadian dollar pricing is not only a great deal for the Canadians. It also means huge savings for all international customers. Canadian dollar has always been a little weaker than the US dollar, so while every other online retailer are dealing with US currency, as an international shopper outside of Canada, you can still shop in CAD and save on average 25% just in the currency difference!

affordable flush mount albums and photo finishing in Canada

Canadian currency may be weak, but that doesn’t mean we cannot offer mean pricing and deals on our product, eh!