20 Sep Evening Makeup Look – Tara Smith

calgary makeup artists Tara shows evening makeup look step by stepMy name it Tara from Kallos Studio. Today I’m going to show you how to apply an evening makeup look. I do these entries and corresponding videos to help and offer simple tips, but if you have any questions, please know that you can always leave me a comment here on the studio blog or on studio channel. Let’s get right into it!

Evening Makeup Look – Prep

Before I start anything I like to make sure my hands and tools and sanitized to prevent the spread of disease and infection. I like to have a fresh and clean start to my makeup application so I start my cleansing and toning the face. So first, on 2 or more clean cotton pads apply your cleanser to the face and clean the face from the top to bottom. After that, with 2 or more clean cotton pads, wet with water and clean off your cleanser.

Next with 2 or more clean cotton pads apply your toner. Some toners come with or without lotion. If you toner does not have a lotion then with clean hands, apply lotion to the face. (For me, I am using…) – something like this may be good for every step I think. For every step, you can just give a quick reference to what it is that you are using? Once the face is cleansed and toned, you can then start to apply the first steps of foundation.

Evening Makeup Look – Foundation

I like to start with a concealer under the eye and on blemishes. I will then apply the contouring. Next is the foundation. When you are choosing the right color of foundation, you should match the color to your chest, then you won’t look like you are wearing a mask. After applying the foundation, you will want to set it with either a translucent powder or a powder that matches your foundation color. Once your powder is set, you can then add a bronzer to your contoured area and or a blush to your cheekbones.

Evening Makeup Look – Eyes

Once the face is done, I like to start from the top of the face and work my way down. I will start by color matching the eyebrows with the color of the hair or the natural eyebrow color. When applying the brow pencil, you will want to follow the brow line or create your own on the brow bone. If just filling in the brow, lightly cover the brow hairs with the pencil or brush then use a brow brush to brush it threw the brow hairs to give the look of a full eye brow. I will then choose the colors I would like to apply for my eye lid area. In this case I am going to use my unique matte colors. Before putting the eye shadow on the eyes, you may want to use an eye primer to help give full effect of the eye shadow. For this eye design I have chosen (as you will see in the video), I will use the purple first over the entire eye lid. After I will apply the orange just over the edge so you can still see the orange but blended in to to purple. Once you have achieved your desired look, you can then highlight the eye brown with the cream shadow. Make sure to blend it evenly and as equal as possible. I will then apply my desired look of eye liner with a gel black eye liner, using a thin makeup brush. You may also use a black eye liner to fight your desired look.

Evening Makeup Look – Lashes

After that you can apply your mascara. This time I will be using my Younique 3d lash mascara then applying strip eyelashes. When applying strip eye lashes, you will want a good clear or black lash adhesive. I like to use a clear Duo lash adhesive. It goes on white but drys clear. Only put a thin layer of lash glue on the strip of the eyelashes. You will want to wave the lash or blow on the glue to make it tacky. Once tacky, apply the lash on top of your natural lashes but as close to your eye lip as possible without putting it on top of the eye lid. If your eye starts to water, use a Q-tip in either corner of the eye to help absorb your tear. If the lash glue gets wet, it will take much longer for it to dry. You will either have to take the lash off and reapply or hold it in place till the glue sets.

Evening Makeup Look – Finishing Touches & Lips

After the top of the eye is finished, I like to finish it off with a bit of browns, blacks and whites. In this case, I will be adding some black and chameleon white. I will be using the same eye primer to apply the chameleon white to the bottom of the eye. Once the eyes are finished I will start applying the lip color. When applying lip gloss, lip stain or lip stick, you should use a lip liner. Not only does it help you follow the line of the lips but it also help to keep your color from sliding off the lip.

Well that’s my tutorial for today. I hope I was able to help you achieve your desired evening makeup look.



Tara Smith is one of the featured make-up artists at Kallos Studio. She provides in-studio seminars and teaches makeup and hair as well as offer these online makeup blog entires and video tips. You can find her work at Kallos Studio Artists Page and also following the video link above.

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