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Flush Mount Album Design

Flush Mount Album Design

Identifying A Flushmount Album Design To Preserve Treasured Moments

Albums are an important part of photography. Having an album is a fantastic way of preserving invaluable moments and memories. Using a flush mount album design for your photos is an incredible way to do this.

Flushmount album design has a high-quality standard in digital photography. It is a combination of digital design and layout, and the aesthetic of handcrafted books. The pages of flush mount albums are thicker compared to press-printed books and matted albums. This allows the presentation of photography as beautiful works of art.

 The thick backing gives each page a heavier and more durable feel. You can use flush mount album design for portrait or wedding albums. There are wedding studios that carry flush mount albums. So, what exactly would anyone love about these flush mount albums? Well, everything from the cover to the printing on the pages of flush mount albums shows a clear difference from regular printing patterns.

Core and Thickness

Flushmount albums have clear differentiating features from the average photo album. They have a stronger, finer, and tighter core. Some albums can have strong cores but do not let that fool you. Look inside them for color, binding, paper, texture, strength, and more. Press-printed albums and books feel like magazines. A flush mount album is built like a block. It feels robust and looks crafted.

Rigidity and firmness

Standard printed pages tend to bend out of their original shape as they are opened. However, flush mount album design can withstand rigorous use. And while most pages from other books can quickly become wrinkled after anyone plays lightly with it, flush mount albums retain their shape.

Paper Type and Coating

Press-printed books are usually made of the same paper found in a lot of mass-produced books and magazines. This is different from the type of paper found in flush mount albums. Flushmount albums use a silver halide paper, which allows brilliant image stability, precise color reproduction. Most papers in press and magazines absorb stains, but a flush mount album has a coating that preserves the paper from stains and spills.


If you carefully examine any halftone printed photo, you can notice a grain and noise instead of smooth transitions between colors. It won’t really matter if they use HD printing; these printing presses use halftone CMYK which is gamut limited. The photo printing for a great flush mount album makes use of a process done by exposure practices which have been used for a long time. The result is a bright photo without apparent transition with seamless tones.

A flush mount album is created through a technique that allows photos to thoroughly spread from one page to another. And this can be achieved without any spacing or gutter between. This helps to give an image a beautiful panoramic view.

There are special occasions where using a flush mount design is the ideal option. Instances like this include weddings and anniversaries. Unlike press-printed paper and designs, this unique design has a thick, durable, solid, high-quality, and beautiful feel worth having.


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