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Bin Rental Canada

Bin Rental Canada

Bin Rentals in Canada

If you are a home owner doing a construction project, then we have just what you are looking for. Our residential bin rental service is available in many metro areas of Canada including Vancouver, Surrey, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal. We offer bins ranging in size from 8 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards for home disposal bins for rent. We can accept dirt, drywall, renovation waste, concrete, wood, furniture, junk, trash and rubbish. Each metropolitan area has different recycling and disposal restrictions, so please check with our team to find out the local bin rental rules in your area.

Dumpster Bins For Rent Western Canada

Trash King is a dumpster bin company that services most of Canada-West with bins for rent for most applications. We offer different rental periods and economical pricing for British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan residents, businesses and industry. Visit our website today to get a bin rental quote.

Disposal Bin Rental in Eastern Canada

Our waste disposal bin rental services in Canada-East are perfect for your next garbage removal project. Whether you are looking for a construction waste bin for your next home building project in Ontario or a land clearing bin rental for your project in Quebec, we have you covered.

Bin Rental in Northern Canada

Our garbage disposal bin rental services in Canada-North are growing. We are always looking for new locations in Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. We offer bin rental services to First Nations bands and organizational groups including all levels of government and non-profit organisations. Visit our online shop for a bin rental quote today.

What is a Bin Rental in Canada?

Simply put, these are temporary bin rentals that are left on your property for a period of time. They are made of industrial steel and have an open top for easy access. We have also installed a back door that swings open so that you can actually walk inside your bin during the loading process. You can load the dumpster-bins at your convenience and then simply give us a call and we will come and pick-up your bin. We use a roll-off truck to put the bin on the truck and then use hydraulics to dump the contents at the local disposal and recycling facility such as transfer station or landfill.

Bin Rental Canada

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